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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 16th century


Recently begun and thus not fully formed


Incomplete or rudimentary


Disorderly or incoherent

Examples of Inchoate in a sentence

"Our inchoate organization still needed to fill major positions."

"The team was somewhat inchoate, lacking the leadership and skills to get the job done."

About Inchoate

Many businesses operate from inchoate, or not fully formed, plans and suffer as a result. For example, the search engine Excite had an opportunity to purchase Google in 1999 for the price of $750,000, but the plan fell through. Google is now worth $101.8 billion.

Did you Know?

Inchoate evolved in meaning and connotation over time. Because it derives from a Latin word meaning "to work on," it generally refers to something that's in progress but unfinished. However, over time it's developed a slightly negative connotation that suggests disarray or confusion.

illustration Inchoate

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