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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Scottish, late 18th century


A space on either side of a large fireplace.

Examples of Inglenook in a sentence

"The central feature of the living room was the inglenook."

"Some historical homes have inglenook fireplaces tucked under a grand staircase."

About Inglenook

This word originates from “ingle,” perhaps from the Scottish Gaelic “aingeal” meaning “light, fire,” Irish aingeal “live ember.” “Nook” is from Middle English and refers to a “corner or fragment.”

Did you Know?

Inglenooks originated as a partially enclosed hearth area that was part of a larger room. The hearth was used to cook food, and the alcove became a natural gathering place to seek warmth. American architects like Henry Hobson Richardson and Frank Lloyd Wright often incorporated inglenooks into their designs.

illustration Inglenook

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