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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Italian, late 16th century


An eminent, powerful, or illustrious person.

Examples of Magnifico in a sentence

"Arthur was considered a magnifico of the publishing industry."

"Despite his reputation as a magnifico of the art world, he’s very humble."

About Magnifico

This word stems from the Italian “magnificent,” originally used as a title for a Venetian magnate.

Did you Know?

While the noun is Italian in origin, “Magnifico” is a 2003 Filipino drama about a clever boy growing up in an impoverished home who changes the lives of everyone he meets by providing them with what need, whether it’s playing matchmaker for his brother, obtaining a wheelchair for his disabled sister, or working on his ailing grandmother’s burial arrangements. “Magnifico” won 31 awards and was deemed “Best Film of the Decade” in 2011 by the Gawad Urian Awards Committee, the preeminent Filipino film critics society.

illustration Magnifico

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