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Monday, May 18



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, mid-19th century


Relating to or resulting from motion.


(of a work of art) depending on movement for its effect.

Examples of Kinetic in a sentence

"The garden was designed with a large kinetic water fountain as the centerpiece."

"The museum featured a breathtaking display of kinetic art for the spring showcase."

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About Kinetic

Kinetic comes from the Greek word “kinētikos,” from the verb “kinein,” meaning to move. You can describe any sort of motion — from your first stretch in the morning to the giant drop on a roller coaster — as kinetic. It’s also used in the art world to describe moving sculptures.

Did you Know?

You’ll likely recognize “kine” in other moving words, including kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movements), kinematics (the properties of an object in motion), and kinesics (gestures and body movements serving as non-verbal communication).

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