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Monday, August 23



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Turkish, early 19th century


Destiny; fate

Examples of Kismet in a sentence

"It seemed to be kismet when John and Elizabeth ran into each other at a mostly empty matinee."

"Do you believe in kismet when it comes to finding a soulmate? "

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About Kismet

This word stems from the Turkish “qismet” from the Arabic “qisma,” meaning “division, portion, lot.” The root, “qasama” means “he divided.”

Did you Know?

In the late 1990s, MIT researcher Dr. Cynthia Breazeal debuted the robot head she created as an experiment in affective computing — essentially, a machine that can recognize and simulate emotions. Breazeal named the robot “Kismet.” It was one of the first robots that could exhibit emotional and social interactions with humans.

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