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Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, 17th century


A small projecting knob or ridge, especially in a series around the edge of something.

Examples of Knurl in a sentence

"I have several razor handles but prefer the one with knurls that help me keep my grip in soapy water."

"Many hand tools are designed with strategically placed knurls to make them easier to hold."

About Knurl

Knurl is based on the Middle English noun "knur," a variation on "knar," meaning "knot in wood."

Did you Know?

Knurling, the process of creating knurls, uses a machining tool to cut lines and textured patterns into metals and other hard objects. One of the key advantages of knurls is that they make objects easier to grip without adding any material or weight; they are created by removing some material instead. Knurling is not always functional — sometimes it’s just a final aesthetic step to make a tool look nicer — but most knurls serve a purpose, such as the functional knurls scored into a knob to make it easier to grip and turn.

illustration Knurl

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