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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: English, 18th century


Lazy or disinterested


Lacking vitality or enthusiasm

Examples of Lackadaisical in a sentence

"Your lackadaisical attitude won't get you far in the fast-paced corporate world."

"He took a lackadaisical approach to school, submitting incomplete assignments after the deadline."

About Lackadaisical

Anyone who owns a cat can tell you that felines have a tendency to be lackadaisical, or a bit lazy. The laziest breed of all might be the ragdoll. This (perhaps overly) friendly type of cat is known to go limp upon being picked up… but is also usually found lying limp around the house, too.

Did you Know?

Lackadaisical comes from a 17th-century word, "Lackaday," which was said when someone was frustrated, disappointed, or even surprised. It eventually evolved to its adjective form, lackadaisical, and the interjection fell out of popularity.

illustration Lackadaisical

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