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Part of speech: verb

Origin: English, mid 17th century


to physically assault


to verbally attack


to criticize aggressively

Examples of Lambaste in a sentence

"I thought my essay was good until my professor proceeded to lambaste my main argument."

"The toddlers began to lambaste me with their jump ropes until I had to retreat from the playground."

About Lambaste

If you're somone who has a penchant for verbally lambasting the people around you, it might be time to consider a different way of making your voice heard. Studies have shown that households where yelling is a regular occurence can result in kids with higher depression rates and lower self-esteem overall.

Did you Know?

Lambaste comes from two words, lam and baste, that both mean to beat severely. It follows that to lambaste someone must mean to beat them very, very severely.

illustration Lambaste

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