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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, early 19h century


(Of an animal) having a protective covering of plates or scales; having a lorica (breastplate).

Examples of Loricate in a sentence

"Is a turtle a loricate animal?"

"The porcupine is a great example of a loricate creature."

About Loricate

This word comes from the Latin “loricatus,” from “lorica,” which is a breastplate. It stems from “lorum,” meaning “strap.”

Did you Know?

In addition to being an adjective, “loricate” can also be a transitive verb or a noun. In its verb form, it means “to enclose in or cover with a protecting substance.” When “loricate” is used as a noun, it means “any animal covered in bony scales,” such as a crocodile.

illustration Loricate

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