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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 16th century


Glowing with or giving off light.

Examples of Lucent in a sentence

"The hall for the wedding reception was lucent in the twilight as the guests arrived."

"A blacksmith heats iron until it’s lucent in order to shape it."

About Lucent

“Lucent” comes from the Latin verb “lucere,” meaning “to shine.”

Did you Know?

Seeing lucent ocean waves in the dark of night might seem fantastical, but it’s made possible thanks to the natural phenomena of bioluminescent algae. There are a number of ocean-dwelling species that emit light through the chemical reaction of bioluminescence, though it's glowing algae in particular that are responsible for lucent waves. These algae grow lucent when they’re disturbed, so the turmoil of waves breaking causes them to light up the nighttime shoreline.

illustration Lucent

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