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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 18th century


Made of or likened to marble.

Examples of Marmoreal in a sentence

"As the artists drew him, the model stood so still, he was practically marmoreal."

"Sarah doubted the contractor’s claim that his new application process would give her driveway asphalt a marmoreal appearance."

About Marmoreal

“Marmoreal” is based on the Latin “marmoreus,” meaning “like marble.”

Did you Know?

In recent years, the vogue for marble countertops and bathroom tiles has given rise to an industry of marmoreal building materials. These products are not real marble, but many buyers are just looking for a marmoreal appearance without the cost (and weight) of authentic marble. Some of these replacements might be other stones, such as quartz or granite, but the cheapest means of achieving a marmoreal aesthetic is the least durable: Peel-and-stick paper can give any flat surface a marble pattern.

illustration Marmoreal

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