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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid 16th century


(formal) of or occurring in the morning.

Examples of Matutinal in a sentence

"Fred started his day with a matutinal jog in the park."

"The regular matutinal Monday meeting set the tone for the week."

About Matutinal

“Matutinal” comes from the late Latin “matutinalis,” which comes from the Latin word “matutinus,” meaning early.

Did you Know?

The adjective “matutinal” can be traced back to Mātūta, the Roman goddess of dawn. The Christian “matins” are typically performed during a dawn prayer service, especially in the Anglican Church. Outside of the church, “matutinal” can be used to describe any morning routine, such as early workouts, a meditation practice, a cup of coffee, or a regular breakfast dish.

illustration Matutinal

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