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Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, 1950s


A word or phrase inspired by misheard language


A made-up lyric or line that replaces a song's real words

Examples of Mondegreen in a sentence

"Singing along with Hendrix, she belted out the mondegreen "Excuse me while I kiss this guy.""

"He raps so quickly that his fans know only mondegreens rather than the true words of his songs."

About Mondegreen

The idea of a mondegreen came into the public eye in 2014, when pop superstar Taylor Swift released her number-one hit “Blank Space.” Infamously, millions of fans heard her utter the phrase “All the lonely Starbucks lovers,” which was actually “Got a long list of ex-lovers.” Swift, along with the coffee chain in question, poked fun at the mondegreen on Twitter.

Did you Know?

The word mondegreen is actually the result of a mondegreen itself. It stems from the misinterpretation of an old Scottish ballad lyric, "laid him on the green," which became "Lady Mondegreen."

illustration Mondegreen

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