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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


(Of a liquid) Free of anything that darkens; completely clear.


(Of a person's eyes) Unclouded; clear.

Examples of Limpid in a sentence

"The brochure pictures showing limpid pools and endless rows of lounge chairs made her want to book a vacation immediately."

"She knew her son was over his bout of flu when his eyes were limpid."

About Limpid

Limpid is an adjective used to describe anything translucent or free from clouds and darkness. It’s most often used to describe liquid, but can also be used when someone has a clear and direct way with words. But steer clear of the writing cliché of describing a character as having “eyes like deep, limpid pools.”

Did you Know?

This word can easily be traced back to the Latin word "limpidus," meaning "clear," but there's also a link to the Latin "lymph," meaning "clear water," in particular.

illustration Limpid

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