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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 13th century


A docile horse used for ordinary riding.


A horse usually ridden by women.

Examples of Palfrey in a sentence

"She rode a gentle white palfrey on the horseback tour of the canyon."

"The stable was filled with palfreys, suitable for anyone to ride."

illustration Palfrey

About Palfrey

Horses aren't a part of everyday life these days, but when equine transport was the most practical way to get around, the palfrey was as common as the Honda Civic. The palfrey was the standard choice for a lady rider, but they were also appropriate for anyone who needed a gentle escort. If you want to add a horseback adventure to your next vacation, be sure to ask for a palfrey for the beginner riders.

Did you Know?

The introduction of palfrey into the English language happened in the 13th century, but even before that there are similar words in other languages. Old French had "palfrei," which comes from the medievel Latin "palfredus," which pulled the horsey term from the Greek "para" (extra) and the Latin "veredus" (light horse).

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