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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Highly perceptive, keen


Discerning, shrewd

Examples of Perspicacious in a sentence

"The perspicacious 9-year-old easily picked up on my feelings without me even saying anything."

"I take a perspicacious approach to my studies, analyzing every word in my textbooks."

About Perspicacious

We all met the "great test-taker" in our school years — that perspicacious student who always seemed to ace the exam, no matter the subject. What gives someone natural perspicacity for test-taking? Studies show it's a combination of low anxiety and the ability to make educated guesses, among other nuances.

Did you Know?

Perspicacious has origins in Latin words that mean "to look through" or "to be sharp-sighted." A perspicacious person is able to see answers clearly without much trouble.

illustration Perspicacious

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