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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Ancient Greek, early 17th century


A lover of learning; a student or scholar.


An astrologer or predictor.

Examples of Philomath in a sentence

"If I've earned a reputation for anything, I hope it's for being a lifelong philomath."

"Go back in the family tree, and you'll find a few wise women and even a philomath."

About Philomath

If you've ever described yourself as an audiophile (a lover of high-quality music and audio equipment) or a bibliophile (a lover of books), you already understand half of this word. A philomath is a lover of learning — particularly mathematics, philosophy, and other humanities.

Did you Know?

The close cousin of a philomath is a polymath. The philomath truly loves learning in specific categories, but the polymath has a broad swath of knowledge. They might not have a deep well of knowledge in one subject, as a philomath might, but they are learned in many (poly) areas.

illustration Philomath

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