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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Of or relating to fishing or people who fish


Reliant on fishing


Of or relating to fish

Examples of Piscatorial in a sentence

"The economy of the piscatorial village relied on the annual salmon migration."

"My father had rich piscatorial interests and was always out fishing."

About Piscatorial

A piscatorially minded person would most definitely be interested in catching a glimpse of a whale shark, the largest living fish on the planet. These beasts weigh nearly 21 tons on average and can grow as long as 40 feet. Head to the Indian or Pacific oceans for the best chance of seeing these endangered creatures.

Did you Know?

Piscatorial shares Latin roots with many other fish-related words and concepts, including the astrological sign Pisces, symbolized as a fish. It's also related to the French word piscine, which means "swimming pool."

illustration Piscatorial

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