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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 17th century


An expression of praise, usually used in the plural


A round of applause

Examples of Plaudit in a sentence

"The cast of the play was relieved to read the plaudits of critics after opening night."

"The plaudit from the audience lasted through several curtain calls, ending in a standing ovation."

About Plaudit

In the deaf and hard of hearing communities, instead of giving a round of applause, audience members will shake their open hands in the air, kind of like jazz hands. Other forms of plaudits include standing ovations, snaps, cheering, giving kudos, and shouting “Encore!” Give a few of these a try the next time to want to express your appreciation. Any way you show it, your recognition goes a long way for the performers.

Did you Know?

"Plaudit" comes from the Latin "plaudite," translated literally to "applaud." Roman actors would shout this at the audience at the end of a play, demanding appreciation for their work.

illustration Plaudit

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