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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Spanish, American slang, mid-19th century


(Southwestern U.S.) To pay or hand over; to shell out.

Examples of Pungle in a sentence

"When the pizza arrived, each roommate pungled up their share before eating."

"Whenever I visit Las Vegas, I pungle about twice as much on gambling as I spend on food, but that’s part of the entertainment."

About Pungle

“Pungle” is based on the Spanish “póngale,” meaning “put it.”

Did you Know?

“Pungle” began life in the American Southwest in the 19th century as a gambling term, instructing players it was time to make their wagers. It was usually paired with “up” (similar to “pony up” or “pay up”) or “down.” The term itself is based on the Spanish verb “póngale,” meaning “put it” or “put it down,” a clear instruction for players to place their money on the table. In modern terms, “pungle” is often unrelated to gambling, and now means to pay a cost or debt.

illustration Pungle

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