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Part of speech: adjective


Extravagantly chivalrous or romantic


Impulsive and unpredictable


Visionary but impractical

Examples of Quixotic in a sentence

"His idea to save the planet was admirable but quixotic."

"We were hoping for practical strategies but got nothing but quixotic and grand ideas."

About Quixotic

Don Quixote is now considered a cornerstone of modern literature, but it caused a fair bit of confusion when it was first released in the early 17th century. None could agree whether it was a straightforward comedic novel, a commentary on societal pressures, or a tragedy about the dangers of idealism. Many experts still don't agree.

Did you Know?

The word quixotic comes from the ambitious and head-in-the-clouds character Don Quixote from the legendary Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes.

illustration Quixotic

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