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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, early 19th century


A storyteller


One who seems to have an anecdote for every occasion

Examples of Raconteur in a sentence

"She was more than a performer — between songs, she shared fascinating stories like a modern-day raconteur."

"Someone needs to tell Mr. Smith that we need a geology professor, not a raconteur with a story for every situation."

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About Raconteur

Interestingly enough, raconteur can trace its roots back to a word that is less specific to storytelling than you might assume. Its roots go back through Old French to the original Latin word computare, which meant to count. How it evolved into a word describing a teller of tales is not entirely clear.

Did you Know?

Raconteur is borrowed from the French word raconter, which means "to relate or recount."

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