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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Becoming active or popular again.

Examples of Renascent in a sentence

"I thought disco was dead, but Cindy’s well-attended disco party proved it was renascent."

"Former San Diego Padres first baseman Yonder Alonso has enjoyed renascent celebrity as an MLB on-air analyst."

About Renascent

“Renascent” joins the prefix “re-” (suggesting “again”) to “nascent,” which is based on the Latin “nascēntis” (meaning “I am born”).

Did you Know?

John Travolta achieved a truly renascent turnaround in his career. Travolta’s early fame in the 1970s came with some of that era’s most recognizable roles: Vinnie Barbarino on TV’s “Welcome Back Kotter,” Danny Zuko in “Grease,” and Tony Manero in “Saturday Night Fever.” Even as these roles made Travolta a superstar, they also made him a symbol of the trends of that decade. By the late 1980s, Travolta was often a punchline for jokes about a time far out of fashion. However, after Quentin Tarantino cast him as eccentric hitman Vincent Vega in the 1995 smash film “Pulp Fiction,” Travolta enjoyed a renascent superstardom. In the five years following “Pulp Fiction,” Travolta starred in as many movies as he had in the preceding two decades.

illustration Renascent

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