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Part of speech: noun


The state of two or more things or events being in perfect sync


Events occurring simultaneously that appear to be related in some way

Examples of Synchronicity in a sentence

"It was a true matter of synchronicity when I happened to run into Samantha just as I'd been thinking about her."

"The synchronicity of two people from opposite sides of the world creating the same invention at the same time was too far-fetched to believe."

About Synchronicity

Some modern mathematicians argue that synchronicity is simply the result of a world in which there are an infinite number of potential coincidences. As a result, a coincidence that might seem supernatural to us could be explained away by a mathematician who points out all of the coincidences that didn't occur. But where's the fun in that?

Did you Know?

Psychologist Carl Jung didn't coin the word synchronicity, but he brought it into popular usage through his writings on coincidence and human nature.

illustration Synchronicity

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