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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin American Spanish, 1920s


A rhythmic dance with Spanish and African elements, originating in Cuba.


A ballroom dance imitative of the rumba.

Examples of Rumba in a sentence

"The final match-up in the dance competition came down to the rumba."

"We took a rumba class on our vacation to Cuba."

About Rumba

The traditional rumba dance combines Spanish and African elements, but the creation is uniquely Cuban. The term rumba can be used to describe the music that accompanies the dance, also with percussive African influences. Whether it's the dance or the song, the rumba will get your feet and body moving.

Did you Know?

The ballroom dance style is often spelled "rhumba" to distinguish it from the traditional Cuban dance. In ballroom dance competitions there are five Latin dances: samba, jive, cha-cha-cha, pasodoble, and the slowest, rhumba. Outside of the competition circuit, Latin dances are sometimes lumped together under the term "salsa."

illustration Rumba

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