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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


Having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement.


Wise or shrewd.

Examples of Sagacious in a sentence

"She could always rely on her mentor to provide sagacious feedback."

"The op-ed provided a sagacious viewpoint on the recent controversy."

About Sagacious

To be sagacious means to be wise, but specifically showing keen judgment. It’s not just about intelligence, but it’s showing discernment. It could be described as using “street smarts” in addition to “book smarts.”

Did you Know?

You probably know sage as the spice that makes an appearance at Thanksgiving, but the Latin word “sagax” also means wise. Use sage as an adjective, or it can be a noun for a wise person. Sagacious can also be used for the adjective if you feel like it’s wise to use a longer word.

illustration Sagacious

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