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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Middle English, late 15th century


(Formal) wise, or attempting to appear wise. (Chiefly in science fiction) intelligent.


Relating to the human species (Homo sapiens).

Examples of Sapient in a sentence

"Extraterrestrials are usually written to be highly sapient beings in fiction."

"Humans are considered to be the most sapient creatures on Earth."

About Sapient

This word stems from Middle English and Middle French. It originated from the Latin “sapient-” and “sapiens,” from the present participle of “sapere,” meaning “to taste” or “be wise.”

Did you Know?

Human beings have long been considered the only sapient creatures in the animal kingdom. But animal rights organizations like Whale & Dolphin Conservation believe whales and dolphins are sentient and sapient creatures who deserve to have their rights recognized and welfare protected. Many of these species live in complex social groups and show complex behaviors such as cooperation, tool use, and even have their own cultures.

illustration Sapient

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