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Friday, August 23



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 19th century


Of or relating to a tailor


Of or relating to fashion

Examples of Sartorial in a sentence

"She makes excellent sartorial choices and is always impeccably dressed."

"I indulge my sartorial interests by visiting a tailor after every shopping excursion."

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About Sartorial

Savile Row in London is considered one of the world's best streets for sartorial purchases, featuring some of the best suit makers and tailors on Earth. Suits purchased at the street’s legendary shops can easily stretch past $10,000 each.

Did you Know?

Sartorial is a relatively common word, especially in the world of haute couture. But did you know it has a noun form as well? Sartor has gone largely out of fashion (so to speak), but it can still be used as a synonym for tailor.

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