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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Old French, early 16th century


A specimen, sample, or small amount of something.


The size to which a piece of wood or stone is measured and cut.

Examples of Scantling in a sentence

"There's only a scantling of milk left, so please pick up a new carton."

"The shed door was built to a scantling of 7 feet tall."

About Scantling

In addition to describing a small amount, scantling can apply to measurements of all sizes in woodworking or building. It can be the size of a certain cut of wood or stone. Or it could be a set of standard dimensions in shipbuilding. Then scantling could also just be a name for a particular type of wood. Use your context clues to decipher the scantling.

Did you Know?

Scantling, a little bit of something, comes from the Old French word "escantillon," which means sample. While the words look very similar, scant (barely amounting to a specified number or quantity) does not share this root. Scant comes from the Od Norse word "skammr," meaning short.

illustration Scantling

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