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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Unknown location, late 17th century


[With object] ​​modify (a painting or color) by applying a very thin coat of opaque paint to give a softer or duller effect.


Modify (a drawing) with light shading in pencil or charcoal to give a softer effect.

Examples of Scumble in a sentence

"Today’s online art lesson will teach students how to scumble."

"Pablo decided to scumble the sharp lines in his painting."

About Scumble

Even though the word’s specific roots are unknown, “scumble” is possibly related to the verb “scum,” an antiquated version of “skim.”

Did you Know?

Scumbling became a popular artistic technique during the 15th century. Some art historians believe Renaissance-era painter Titian invented the technique.

illustration Scumble

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