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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Proper name, 17th century


A wise legislator or lawgiver.


Any legislator.

Examples of Solon in a sentence

"Our city benefited from electing as mayor a solon with a passion for local governance."

"The Babylonian King Hammurabi earned the reputation of a solon by creating the foundation of modern laws with the Code of Hammurabi."

About Solon

“Solon” is based on the ancient Greek name “Σόλων” (“Sólōn”).

Did you Know?

In sixth-century Athens, a man named Sólōn was one of the Seven Sages, ancient Greeks remembered for their wisdom. Sólōn himself was a lawmaker and poet whose ideas contributed to the development of democracy in the city-state of Athens. He helped develop and modernize Athenian law and is remembered for his sensible and intelligent manner of governance. Because of him, the noun “solon” describes an especially wise lawmaker.

illustration Solon

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