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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-17th century


Of or like a sister or sisters.

Examples of Sororal in a sentence

"She shared a sororal relationship with her roommate, and they were seldom apart."

"The new club is sororal to a famous nonprofit organization."

About Sororal

Sororal originates from the Latin word "soror," which means "sister." If a woman is particularly close to a platonic female friend, you might say that they have a sororal relationship.

Did you Know?

The word "sororal" shares a root with the word "sorority," which might be more familiar. Sororities, first established in the United States in 1851, are communities for college-aged women. Members often refer to each other as "sisters," and these sororal relationships established in young adulthood can continue throughout their lives.

illustration Sororal

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