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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 14th century


A moaning, whistling, or rushing sound as made by the wind in the trees or the sea.

Examples of Sough in a sentence

"We could hear the gentle sough of the creek before we could see it."

"The house was surrounded by corn fields, which emitted a sough every time the wind picked up."

About Sough

“Sough” is a Middle English word likely based on the Old English “swōgan,” meaning “to make a sound” or “to roar.”

Did you Know?

Before “sough” was a noun referring to a soft rustle or murmur, the word was a verb meaning to make such a noise. As a Middle English verb, “sough” was closely associated with “swough,” and based on the Old English “swōgan.” In the early days when “sough” was a verb, the noun form of the word as we know it today was “swei,” based on the Old English “swēg.” Both words were associated with the verb “swoon” — also based on “swōgan,” which could be translated as “to make a sound” or “to suffocate.”

illustration Sough

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