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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Attempt to amalgamate or reconcile (differing things, especially religious beliefs, cultural elements, or schools of thought).

Examples of Syncretize in a sentence

"The ESL teacher hoped to syncretize his students’ experiences so they could learn from one another."

"Throughout history, people have syncretized parts of religions to create a unique belief system."

About Syncretize

This word originated from the Latinized form of the Greek “synkretizein,” meaning “to combine against a common enemy.”

Did you Know?

Rome, one of the greatest powers of the ancient world, expertly syncretized features of other cultures to create a uniquely Roman one. For instance, the Romans incorporated aspects from several northern Mediterranean religions into their own gods. Latin uses Phoenician writing, Etruscan letters, and the Greek alphabet. Roman architecture featured Etruscan arches and Greek columns along with the Roman innovation of concrete.

illustration Syncretize

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