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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Arabic, early 17th century


An object, usually a charm or piece of jewelry, thought to provide magical protection


An object that produces magical or remarkable effects

Examples of Talisman in a sentence

"In the fairy tale, the young girl was never supposed to take off her talisman, or the witch would find her."

"My grandmother claimed her old locket was a talisman, but I never saw her perform any magic."

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illustration Talisman

About Talisman

The Arabic word “tilsam” serves as inspiration for magical objects across multiple languages. In French and English it’s “talisman.” It earns an accent in Spanish — “talismán” — and in Italian it’s “talismano.” It just goes to show that superstitions and beliefs in magical powers can stretch across languages.

Did you Know?

The talisman appears in many different types of magical lore, but the basics are the same. If you have your hands on a talisman, it’s likely a ring or amulet carved with figures or characters. It is supposed to protect you against all manner of negative effects, from evil to illness.

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