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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, early 18th century


A meat, fish, or vegetable mixture that has been cooked or otherwise prepared in advance and allowed to cool or set in its container, typically served in slices.


A container used for a terrine, typically of an oblong shape and made of earthenware.

Examples of Terrine in a sentence

"The special of the day was a salmon terrine served with rice."

"The chef carefully arranged the vegetables in a ceramic terrine."

About Terrine

In its original French, "terrine" was written as "terrin," and referred to a large earthenware pot where food items were stored. Think of it as an ancient version of your favorite mason jars.

Did you Know?

A terrine dish can also be referred to as a "pâté." This French dish translates to "paste," and is made by grinding materials into a spreadable paste that can be served with bread, crackers, or whatever the diner prefers.

illustration Terrine

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