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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Middle English, 13th century


Being sharp, intense, and forceful


Characterized by energy and effectiveness

Examples of Trenchant in a sentence

"The professor’s trenchant critique discouraged her so much she considered dropping the class."

"The keynote speaker’s delivery was so trenchant that people lined up afterward to shake her hand."

About Trenchant

Trenchant is often used to describe commentary or criticism. If you have a trenchant delivery, you’re known for your biting wit. You’ll be in good company with the likes of Oscar Wilde, Joan Rivers, and Jon Stewart.

Did you Know?

An obsolete definition of trenchant means physically having a sharp blade. While the adjective is now used in a more figurative sense, a powerful, trenchant remark can still leave wounds.

illustration Trenchant

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