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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, 20th century


A make-up artist.

Examples of Visagiste in a sentence

"Roseanne sat for an hour with a visagiste who applied her make-up perfectly before the show."

"Shauna started her career as a visagiste, before she realized her true passion was styling hair."

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illustration Visagiste

About Visagiste

Directly from the French “visagiste,” it combines the French word “visage,” meaning “face,” and the suffix “-iste” (like the English “-ist”) suggesting “one who studies and practices a discipline.”

Did you Know?

A visagiste doesn’t just apply their own cosmetics, but they skillfully apply make-up to others in flattering and creative ways. Why not simply call themselves “make-up artists”? Most do, but so do some influencers with different levels of training and experience. Whether they’re trained professionals or passionate self-taught amateurs, those who call themselves “visagistes” might be making a statement about their expertise. They are experts of the face — the “visage” of the word’s French root — and how to flatter each face with cosmetics that celebrate its beauty.

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