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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Relating to a fox or foxes.


Crafty; cunning.

Examples of Vulpine in a sentence

"The red dog had a small, vulpine face and black whiskers."

"The villain of the film was recognizable by his vulpine expression."

About Vulpine

“Vulpine” is based on the Latin “vulpīnus” (meaning “fox-like”), which itself is based on the term “vulpēs,” meaning “fox.”

Did you Know?

“Vulpine” is used to invoke the image of the fox, a diligent predator known for its craftiness. In science, the word “vulpini” refers to the sub-species of dog-like creatures (“caninae”), including a variety of foxes. The sister word “lupine,” describing similarity to wolves, is used as frequently as “vulpine.” Even when not referring to animals, the adjectives invoke the traits associated with the wolf and the fox. “Lupine” often describes ravenous hunger, and “vulpine” describes a crafty cunning.

illustration Vulpine

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