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Part of speech: exclamation

Origin: English, late 17th century


An exclamation of surprise or annoyance.

Examples of Gadzooks in a sentence

"Gadzooks! This coffee is hot!"

"I was just walking down the street, and gadzooks, it starting pouring!"

About Gadzooks

Gadzooks is an exclamation (sometimes known as an interjection). This part of speech is a word or short phrase that can stand on its own, grammatically. It's used to insert surprise, excitement, or even pain and sadness. Anything that packs a punch — like the "pows!" and "bams!" of the old Batman cartoons.

Did you Know?

In the same family as "cheers," "good grief," "hooray," "kaboom," and "yabba dabba doo," "gadzooks" has a more religious origin story. It's an alteration of "God's hooks," i.e. the nails that held Jesus to the cross. Just like invoking a holy figure in your swears, "gadzooks" fits a similar purpose.

illustration Gadzooks

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