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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Middle English, early 15th century


Habitual; usual.

Examples of Wonted in a sentence

"When Clara got home, she slipped back into her wonted, quiet life."

"Stan knew his husband had a wonted morning routine."

About Wonted

This word is an adjectival formation of “wont,” the Middle English contraction of Old English “wunod,” meaning "to dwell, inhabit, exist; be accustomed, be used to.” This stems from the German “wohnen,” meaning "to dwell."

Did you Know?

“Wont” and “wonted” can cause some confusion. Verbally, “wonted” sounds nearly identical to “wanted,” so they can be easily confused. “Wont” also sounds somewhat similar to the contraction “won’t,” meaning “will not.” However, the context these words are being used in should be enough to clue you in on which one is being used.

illustration Wonted

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