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Part of speech: noun

Origin: German, mid-19th century


A rusk or cracker made by baking a small loaf and then toasting slices until they are dry and crisp.

Examples of Zwieback in a sentence

"When I'm sick I always want to eat my mom's tomato soup with a side of zwieback."

"The waiter served a basket of zwieback before dropping off the salads."

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About Zwieback

If you have an upset stomach, or a teething toddler, you probably have zwieback in the pantry. In German, "zwie" means twice and "back" means bake — which is a pretty literal description of this dry toast. Slices of bread are crisped up with a second baking.

Did you Know?

In Germany it's "zwieback." In the U.S. you might find it as rusk or melba toast. In French it's "biscotte," and in Italian it's "fette biscottate." Order "prepečenec" in Slovene, and "dvopek" in Croatian.

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