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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, late 16th century


The remembering of things from a supposed previous existence (often used with reference to Platonic philosophy).


(Medicine) A patient's account of a medical history.

Examples of Anamnesis in a sentence

"The character spends most of the movie trying to resolve her anamnesis with her current life."

"The nurse collected Mr. Collins’ anamnesis while the doctor continued his checkup."

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About Anamnesis

This word originated from the Greek word “anamnēsis,” which means “remembrance.”

Did you Know?

Experiencing déjà vu — intense feelings of having experienced something before — is often attributed to anamnesis, but may have a more practical explanation. Rather than remembering specific moments from another life, researchers believe that déjà vu occurs because of a few different possibilities: a minor brain “glitch” where short-term memories can be confused with long-term memories, a memory that someone doesn’t properly remember, or possibly from a dream or other subconscious experience.

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