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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, 19th century


Seen with one's own eyes; belonging to, or connected with, personal observation.

Examples of Autoptic in a sentence

"The video evidence was unclear, but there was an eyewitness with autoptic testimony."

"Diana said the house was haunted, but Cherie argued that she hadn’t had any autoptic experiences."

About Autoptic

“Autoptic” is based on a combination of the ancient Greek terms “αὐτός” (“autos”), meaning “self,” and ὀπτός (“optós”), meaning “visible.”

Did you Know?

“Autoptic” is associated with the Greek word “αὐτοπτικός,” meaning “related to an eyewitness.” For this reason, the term “autoptic” has long been associated with legal procedures and other formal statements of fact, describing those statements that are based on personal observation and recollection. The term is also closely related to “autopsy,” whose Greek root “αὐτοψῐ́ᾱ” also means “to see with one’s own eyes.” Like an autoptic testimony, an autopsy is a formal circumstance in which an expert enters their direct observations into a legal record.

illustration Autoptic

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