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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-19th century


Relating to an uncle


Suggestive of the warm feelings between a man and his siblings' children

Examples of Avuncular in a sentence

"He has a genial smile and avuncular friendliness that lead many to refer to him as uncle, even if he isn't related to them."

"My mom's brother treated me with a kind, avuncular attitude when I was a child."

About Avuncular

While in a strict sense avuncular has to do with the relationship between an uncle and his nieces and nephews, it can be applied to any male who displays a kind and indulgent attitude toward young(er) people.

Did you Know?

The Latin root of avuncular — avunculus — originally signified the relationship specifically with one's maternal uncle, but common usage has expanded the word to embrace the connection with any uncle.

illustration Avuncular

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