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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 18th century


A condition which is the consequence of a previous disease or injury.

Examples of Sequela in a sentence

"In middle age, Ilana suffered lingering tinnitus as a sequela to the live music shows she attended without earplugs in her younger days."

"Eric’s problems with his Achilles tendon were sequelae that began with a bad ankle sprain."

About Sequela

“Sequela” is taken directly from a Latin term meaning “that which follows.”

Did you Know?

Closely associated with the English word “sequel,” “sequela” (the plural of which is “sequelae”) describes a medical condition that is a follow-up to some other medical circumstance. Generally speaking, sequelae are long-term conditions that arise out of a particular injury or disease. For example, a concussion is a temporary injury, but it often creates a lasting sequela known as “postconcussion syndrome” that includes headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and confusion. In many cases, sequelae are so persistent that they present significant secondary problems unrelated to their original cause.

illustration Sequela

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