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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Scottish, early 18th century


(humorous) An animal, insect, or germ.


(informal) A vehicle or device of a particular kind.

Examples of Beastie in a sentence

"Watch out for beasties trying to invade your picnic!"

"I hate to carry my big camera, so I bring this little beastie in my purse."

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illustration Beastie

About Beastie

You’re not going to hear this word from a veterinarian, or see it in a biology textbook, but you can use beastie to refer to any kind of creature, mythical or real. It has Scottish roots, and you might hear it used as “wee beastie,” with a jovial or even exasperated tone.

Did you Know?

From Nessie to unicorns, Scotland is overrun with beasties. The unicorn is an officially sanctioned national animal beastie and has been used as a symbol on the Scottish royal coat of arms since the 12th century. As for Nessie, countless witnesses claim to have seen the long and thin reptile creature rising from Loch Ness, but for now, she remains folklore.

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