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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Old French, 14th century


Enjoy oneself unrestrainedly.



Examples of Disport in a sentence

"Let go of your inhibitions and find a way to disport yourself every day."

"Put a smile on your face by watching a video of puppies playing and disporting."

About Disport

The Middle English term "disport" comes from the Old French word "desporter," with the literal translation of "carry away." If you get too excited and get carried away with yourself, that’s the perfect depiction of the verb "disport."

Did you Know?

Not all words from Middle English are recognizable today, but "disport" still holds the same playful meaning as it did when Chaucer used it. Can you translate this line from “The Merchant’s Tale”? “Dooth hym disport — he is a gentil man.”

illustration Disport

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