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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, late 17th century


(of an organ or part) easily detached and shed at an early stage

Examples of Caducous in a sentence

"The protective layer of a poppy can be caducous, falling off to reveal the bright petals."

"Jane slid the bulky fur coat off her body in a caducous manner."

About Caducous

Caducous is a botany term that derives from the Latin caducus, meaning “liable to fall,” and -ous, meaning “characterized by.”

Did you Know?

It would be easy to think that “caducous” and “deciduous” are synonyms because they both refer to plants shedding parts of themselves. But a closer look at their definitions proves otherwise. Caducous refers to something on a plant or creature that is easily shed at an early stage of development; deciduous describes a tree or shrub that sheds its leaves annually.

illustration Caducous

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