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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin/Greek


An extended leave of absence from work


Time taken away from one's main profession in order to pursue related skills

Examples of Sabbatical in a sentence

"The philosophy professor was excited to start writing her new book during her sabbatical."

"If the class you were looking forward to isn't on the curriculum, it may be because the teacher is on sabbatical."

About Sabbatical

There are many different reasons one might take time off from work — like illness or vacation — but a sabbatical is unique to those pursuing skills related to their profession. It's especially common among professors, who often take sabbaticals to research or write books on their area of expertise.

Did you Know?

The word sabbatical is related to sabbath and has biblical roots, as ancient Jews were meant to observe a year of rest every seven years.

illustration Sabbatical

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